Taking an idea from initial concept through to finished product is a deeply satisfying process.
Our team of creatives will harness the full potential of whichever platform you wish to utilize for your project, and deliver your content to the very highest standards.
From photography to CGI, we can deliver assets and environments that can be incorporated into stunning VR applications for you and your customers.
The application of such technology really is, as limitless as your imagination!

Data Capture

From single frame photography to 360-degree panoramas, 4K aerial drone work and videography, we aim to capture not only the essential elements of your project but merge the technological with the creative, to fully realise your visual dreams in a digital reality.

Data Processing

Once all the data for your project has been captured on-site, we then relocate our efforts to the studio wherein we begin to stitch data and design and create the finished idea.
This process involves the stitching, colour grading, editing and compositing of all of the captured data to enable the ideas and environments to take shape.

Environment Creation & Recreation in 2D & 3D

From preliminary pen on paper schematics to the most cutting edge geolocating lidar scanning, we can digitally map and recreate plans for any space and budget.
Once we have the required dimensional data, we can then recreate these environments as a virtual space.

If a space has yet to be created for us to map then as long as the architects can get us across the needed dimensional data, we can still create the space for you and your users to experience in virtual reality.

Interactive Media Production & Porting

Once we have created, or re-created, your virtual space we will deliver it to you on whatever platform best reflects your specific needs.
So, whether it be through a website, a mobile app, or a HEVR system, we will deliver your virtual environment in a way that is most accessible and effective for you and your clients.

Other Key Services

Virtually Be There is a one stop agency for Mixed Reality.
We aim to facilitate all our clients needs – from initial concept through to finished product.
We will create and help realise your environments virtually, and design and manage the systems to deliver to your clients – providing you with an experience of Mixed Reality that is second to none!